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Agriwatch Agri Commodity Indices - Jan 31, 2016

Agriwatch Agri Commodity Index

The Agriwatch Agri Commodities Index fell 1.61% to 101.11 during the week ended Jan 30, 2016 from 102.77 during the previous week. The base for the Index is 2014 (= 100).

Lower Vegetable, Pulses and Oilseed prices guided the Index lower. While the Vegetables Index declined by 6.05% week-on-week, the Pulses Index fell by 2.81% and Oilseeds Index declined 4.4%.

All the nine commodity group indices that comprise the Index declined during the week. The other declining indices were the Cereals Index (-0.91%), the Condiments Index (-0.41%), the Sweeteners Index (-1.82%), Edible Oils Index (-0.91%), Fibres Index (-0.21%) and the Other Non-Food Articles Index (-0.004%).

Cereals Index

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