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Agriwatch Agri Commodity Indices - Feb 14, 2016

Agriwatch Agri Commodity Index

The Agriwatch Agri Commodities Index edged marginally higher by 0.07% to 100.31 during the week ended Feb 13, 2016 from 101.22 during the previous week. The base for the Index is 2014 (= 100).

The Edible Oils Index increased 2.23% during the week while the Pulses Index increased by 1.69%. These gains offset weekly declines of 1.44% in the Cereals Index and 7.50% in the Vegetables Index.

Other commodity group indices which gained during the week were the Condiments & Spices Index (+2.94%), Oilseeds Index (+1.10%) and Other Non-Food Articles Index (+0.21%).

The other weekly decliners were the Sugar, Gur& Khandsari (Sweeteners) Index (-0.04%) and the Fibres Index (-2.31%).

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