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 Fundamental  supply and demand analysis and forecast outlook of Rapeseed Oil markets

Rapeseed Oil Spot Market Prices

for May 14

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May 14May 13
Agra( Rs/Qtl )
Kacchi Ghani7750-78507750-7850
Delhi( Rs Per 10kg )
Mustard Expeller Oil780782
Hapur( Rs Per 10kg )
Mustard Expeller Oil865865
Jaipur( Rs/Qtl )
Kacchi Ghani77607730
Mustard Expeller Oil750745
Kota( Rs/Qtl )
Kacchi Ghani76007500
Mustard Expeller Oil750750
Mumbai( Rs Per 10kg )
Mustard Expeller Oil760760
Neewai( Rs/Qtl )
Kacchi Ghani76207620
Mustard Expeller Oil750750
Sri Ganganagar( Rs/Qtl )
Kacchi Ghani77307600
Mustard Expeller Oil745735


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Rapeseed Oil Spot Price Chart