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India Ships 2.19% Lower Green Coffee Beans In January 2017 So far

Published on: Feb 17, 12:12

As per the Coffee Board of India, provisional Indian green coffee exports to 1st January 2017 to 15th February 2017 is registered lower by 2.19% at 27741 metric tons compared to 28365 metric tons in the corresponding period of previous year. India re-exports maximum Instant  type of coffee. Instant Coffee exports from 1st January 2017 to 15th February 2017 this year, recorded higher by 50.23% at 3457 metric tons from preceding year volume of 2301 metric tons. Total provisional exports of Arabica Cherry, Robusta Parchment and Robusta Cherry is placed higher by 29.76% to 2111 metric tonnes and 38.49% at 15426 metric tons and 3.76% to 15426 respectively from 1st January to 15th February 2017 against exports volume of 1627 metric ton,1465 metric tonnes and 16030 metric tons respectively in the corresponding period of last year. However, Arabica parchment is registered lower at 4663 metric tonnes with a decline of 32.52%.