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Experts Remain Divided On Lentils And Peas Acreage Canada In 2017-18

Published on: Apr 20, 03:02

Experts differ on Canadian Pulses Acreage for the crop year 2017-18.Notably,Canada had produced record Peas and Lentils last year on the back od record area coverage. Survey based estimates of statistics Canada see Lentils area may vary from 3.9 to 6.1 million acres against 5.9 million acres covered last year.In case of Peas area estimate varies from3.6 to4.8 million acres against last year coverage of 4.2 Million acres. The main reason behind a wide gap in acreage estimate is mainly attributed to uncertainty over Indian demand and quality issues seen in Canadian crop last year.These factors goes in favour of lower acerage. However,good return per acre and low inputs cost go in favour of higher area coverage. Govt.'s estiamte is yet to come.Lower price factor too may impact final size of the crop.