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Chickpeas Area In Australia Is Likely Down By 40 % To 6.16 Lakh Ha

The winter crop season 2018-19 started with mixed note.Autumn rainfall was recorded well below average. However,timely rainfall in May in most parts of growing region in Australia helpedtimelycommencementofwintercropsowing.However,Queensland & northern New South Wales were comparatively drier where normal planting progress got affected.Winter rainfall is likely to be around average in cropping regions in Western Australia but below average in most other cropping regions.
Chickpeas area is expected to decrease by 53% to 5.28 lakh ha in 2018-19.Production is likely to decline 40 % to 6.16 lakh tonne this year against last year around 10 lakh tonne.The area planted to chickpeas is forecast to fall by 52 per cent in 2018–19 to around 215,000 hectares. The fall reflects lower expected returns from chickpeas relative to cereal crops.