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Chickpeas,Lentil & Pea Area In Australia Is Expected To Decline By 53,23 & 16 % In 2018-19

Lentil area is bound to decline by 23.51 % to 2.70 lakh ha against 3.53 lakh ha last year.Production is expected to decline  by 17.20 lakh tonne to3.85 lakh tonne against 4.65 lakh tonne last year.Even pea area is expected to decline 2.22 lakh ha to .1.85 lakh ha.Pea production in Australia is expected to decline  from 2.89 to 2.13 lakh tonne in 2018-19.Australia Chickpeas area is expected to decrease by 52.69% to5.28 lakh ha(last year11.16 lakh ha) in 2018-19.Production is bound to decline by 40.08 % to 6.16 lakh tonne against 10.28 lakh tonne last year.