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U.S. September 2020/21 Soybean End Stocks Estimate at 185 Million Bushels: USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture monthly supply and demand report for the month of September forecasts U.S. 2020/21 soybean end stocks at 185 million bushels higher than previous estimate of 155 million lbs. Opening stocks in September 2020/21 have increased to 175 million bushels compared to 160 million bushels in August. Soybean production in September estimate is increased to 4,374 million bushels compared to 4,339 million bushels in August. U.S. soybean exports estimate in September are also increased to 2,090 million bushels compared to 2,055 million bushels in August. Import’s estimate is lowered to 25 million bushels compared at 35 million bushels last month. Crush have lowered to 2,180 million bushels compared to 2,205 million bushels. Seed use in 2020/21 is same at 104 million bushels. Residual use is kept unchanged at 14 million bushels. Average price range is lowered to 12.90 cents/bushel compared to 13.70 cents/bushel August month’s estimate.