Nagpur: Soybean in Physical Market Trading Weak

Published on: Jan 14, 04:51 Print

At Nagpur market , Soybean Plant is trading lower at Rs. 6600-6750 per quintal, down by 0.74 per cent from previous trading day.

Soybean Mandi is offered weak at Rs. 5000-6500 per quintal, down by 0.91 per cent from previous price level. Total arrivals are at 50000 Bags, lower by 70000 Bags from previous day's arrivals.


Soybean in Nagpur Market (Prices in Rs. per quintal)
Market Commodity/Variety Price Change
Nagpur Soybean Plant 6600-6750 -50
Nagpur Soybean Mandi 5000-6500 -60


Note: The above mentioned prices are in Rs. per quintal and arrivals are in Bags.