Rajkot(Guj.): Coriander Seed Trading Lower in Physical Market

Published on: Aug 04, 04:14 Print

At Gondal(Guj.) market in Rajkot(Guj.), Coriander Seed Badami is trading lower at Rs 5000-11905 per quintal, lower by 0.83 per cent from previous day's price level. Traders reported arrivals at 794 quintals, up by 140 quintals from previous day's arrivals.

Coriander Seed Eagle is offered lower at Rs 5500-12105 per quintal, down by 1.63 per cent as compared to previous day. unchanged as compared to previous day's arrival.

Coriander Seed in Rajkot(Guj.) Market (Prices in Rs per quintal)
Market Commodity/Variety Price Change
Gondal(Guj.) Coriander Seed Badami 5000-11905 -100
Gondal(Guj.) Coriander Seed Eagle 5500-12105 -200


Note: The above mentioned prices are in Rs per quintal and arrivals are in quintals.