Rajkot(Guj.): Coriander Seed Trading Firm in Physical Market

Published on: Oct 03, 03:08 Print

At Gondal(Guj.) market in Rajkot(Guj.), Coriander Seed Badami is trading high at Rs 5000-10455 per quintal, up by 2 per cent from previous trading day. Estimated market supply was at 1283 quintals, down by 217 quintals from previous day's arrivals.

Coriander Seed Eagle is offered strong at Rs 5500-10905 per quintal, up by 3.86 per cent as against previous day. steady as against previous day's arrival.

Coriander Seed in Rajkot(Guj.) Market (Prices in Rs per quintal)
Market Commodity/Variety Price Change
Gondal(Guj.) Coriander Seed Badami 5000-10455 +205
Gondal(Guj.) Coriander Seed Eagle 5500-10905 +405

Note: The above mentioned prices are in Rs per quintal and arrivals are in quintals.