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Peas News - Dry Peas Production In Canada Up By 3%25 To 4.4million Mt.
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Dry Peas Production In Canada Up By 3% To 4.4million Mt.

Dry peas production in Canada is expected to increase by 3% to 4.4 million Mt in 2020-21.The reason behind increase in production is mainly attributed to higher yields,especially in Alberta(45%). Out of total yellow peas would contribute  at 3.5Mt , green peas  and others at at o.7 Mt.Supply side is expected same as last year at 4.7 Mt. Canada may export around 3.8Mt in 2020-21. The major markets for Canadian peas  may be China, US and Bangladesh.Supply side may decrease as above countries are expected to buy more in 2021.This year supply of  A & B grade would be higher.