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Jeera (Cumin seed) News - Cardamom E auction resumed today after lockdown
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Cardamom E-auction resumed today after lockdown

Cardamom auction resumed at Idukki auction center after lockdown. At Kochi market , Small Cardamom Loose(Max. Price) is trading lower at Rs. 1602 per kg, down by 2.67 per cent from previous day's price level. Arrivals were reported at 36820 kgs, lower by 27111 kgs from previous day's arrivals. Small Cardamom Loose(Avg. Price) is offered strong at Rs. 1021 per kg, higher by 8.85 per cent against previous trading day. 
Subdued demand in the upcountry markets has hit the sales and liquidity for buying in the consuming centers of Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh etc. in the second wave of Covid.
India’s production for the coming marketing year 2021-22 (which will start from August officially) expected better around 30,000 MT also put the cap on prices. 
Cardamom planters were received higher prices last two years, therefore, they are taking care of their plants and favourable weather condition, is the main reason for expecting good crop in the coming year.