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Jeera (Cumin seed) News - Chilli and Turmeric sowing update and Agriwatch Estimates
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Chilli and Turmeric sowing update and Agriwatch Estimates

As per AP agricultural data as of 29th September, current year chilli sowing completed around 138,357 hectares, compared to last year 116,737 hectares. Normal in season 137,946 hectares. Chillies transplantations are under progress. 
As on 29th September, current year Turmeric sowing completed around 17,569 hectares, compared to last year 16,627 hectares. Normal in season 19,551 hectares. 
Overall, the average rainfall received in Andhra Pradesh from 01.06.2021 to 29.09.2021 is recorded as 603.9 mm as against the Normal as on date of 549.1 mm. 
Good rainfall reported in Turmeric growing regions, as of now weather is favourable. Turmeric standing crop quality reported well in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Agriwatch expected higher production coming year may cap on prices from higher levels.  Agriwatch first advance estimates, Turmeric all India production for 2022 is estimated at 4.89 lakh MT. Last year’s production was 4.46 lakh MT, up by 9.64% from last year.