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Black Pepper News - Chilli buyers reported active after Guntur APMC reopened
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Chilli buyers reported active after Guntur APMC reopened

Guntur market reopened on 14th June after summer vacation and lockdown. Chilli buyers reported active for good quality cold storage stocks. After Guntur APMC reopens Red Chilli NCDEX Quality up by 5 per cent, Red Chilli LCA 334 up by 9.09 per cent, Red Chilli Teja higher by 14.81 per cent, Red Chilli No.273 higher by 12 per cent, Red Chilli No.5 up by 16 per cent, Red Chilli US 341 up by 22.05 per cent, Red Chilli Denvor Delux higher by 18.11 per cent, Red Chilli Sanam 334 higher by 9.09 per cent, Red Chilli Indam 5 up by 18.85 per cent. 
Due to coronavirus lockdown and shortage of labour Chilli export quantities are pending for delivery to countries like China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. Now aftermarket reopens trading is happening in the normal way which will support the prices going up further. Though current year India's Red Chilli production went up by 12% as per Agriwatch estimates from the previous year, but due to unseasonal rainfall during maturity stage quality reported damaged and supported the prices.