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Peas News - Dry Peas Production In Canada May Increase By 3%25 To4.4MMT in 2020 21
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Dry Peas Production In Canada May Increase By 3% To4.4MMT in 2020-21

Dry peas production in Canada is expected to increase by 3% to 4.4 million tonne due to higher yield in 2020 -21.The major producing states like Alberta and Saskatchewan may contribute 4.1 MMT. Manitova  and Estern Canada may harvest 0.3 MMT this year. So, supply side too is expected to be  higher by 3% from last year to 4.7 MMT.Export is likely to stay steady at 3.8MMT.The major buyers  may be China,the US and Bangladeshnlike previous year.However, carry-out stocks are forecast to fall marginally despite likely mprovement in domestic use.Average price may increase by 4%from previous year to $275/tonne.
Farmgate prices for green peas increased $30.toone in Saskatchewan,yellow peas prices increased by $20 in September-2020. Green dry peas prices are currently at a $35/t premium to yellow dry peas compared to last year when green pea prices were a $115/t premium to yellow peas.