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Tur (Pigeon Pea) News - Govt.Will Continue To Monitor The Prices Of EC and Ensure Supply Into The Market
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Govt.Will Continue To Monitor The Prices Of EC & Ensure Supply Into The Market

 The Union food secretary Leena Nandan has directed states to consider invoking sections 3(2)h and 3(2)i of EC Act. under this section, when implemented,stockholders, millers, traders and importers would have to declare stocks.the govt is assessing the availability & supply side of pulses.Actually, pulses prices increased by 10 to 12 % during the past two weeks.It will force big traders/stockists to release stocks and resultantly prices would soften.Govt has already put Tur,Moong & Urad import in OGL.It has ended the premium enjoyed by the market due to quota system.As this premium ended, the market started settling down.the govt will continue to watch prices of pulses,oilseeds ,vegetables and milk now and will intervene the market to ensure the supply side.Availability is bound to increase.If India harvests bumper kharif crops this year,the pressure on prices would build up further,prices may go below MSP.