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Black Pepper News - Increasing supply put cap on Jeera prices
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Increasing supply put cap on Jeera prices

Availability of higher stocks in the spot market put cap on prices. Last week, Jeera supply reported up by 33% as farmers and stockists were releasing their old stocks in the spot market. 
Due to good rainfall in jeera growing regions in Gujarat, sowing is expected to progress on time- which likely to start from last week October. As per current situation, market participants are expecting lower acreage as jeera prices are lower compared to other competitive crop like Coriander, Mustard, Soybean, Groundnut, Ajwain, Fennel etc. However, the actual scenario will become more clear only after sowing starts. 
Buyers may active in the spot market from lower prices level. Festive demand is likely to start at major jeera markets in Gujarat and Rajasthan.