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Maize (Corn) News - Maize Vessel Position
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Maize Vessel Position

Sources revealed that 28,000 MT of Maize Vessel, OSPREY BULKER, was expected to arrive at Kakinada port on February 27, 2021. And, 22,000 MT of Maize Vessel, VTC GLORY, was expected to complete loading at Vizag port on February 26, 2021 while, 32,000 MT of Maize Vessel, MAGPIE SW, has complete loading at Krishnapatnam port on February 28, 2021. And, 9,500 MT of Maize Vessel, POCHARD S, was expected to complete loading at Kandla port on March 01, 2021. Besides, 6,000 MT of Maize Vessel, VSG PRIDE, is waiting for berth at Krishnapatnam port from March 02, 2021.