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Rapeseed Oil News - Malaysia%E2%80%99s Feb 1 20 Palm Oil Exports Rose 28.2 Percent: SGS
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Malaysia’s Feb 1-20 Palm Oil Exports Rose 28.2 Percent: SGS

According to cargo surveyor Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS), Malaysia’s Feb 1-20 palm oil exports rose 28.2 percent to 734,622 tons compared to 572,910 tons for period of Feb 1-10. Top buyers were European Union 183,949 tons (118,479 tons), India at 84,245 tons (74,492 tons), China at 102,160 tons (70,940 tons), Pakistan at 0 tons (0 tons) and United States at 44,040 tons (47,690 tons). Values in brackets are figures of last month.