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Chana (Chickpeas) News - Nafed Would Sell Chana At All Centers Now
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Nafed Would Sell Chana At All Centers Now

Sources say that Nafed would sell chana under PSS from all centers now. With this move Nafedseems in a hurry to sell stock from 2020 crop rather than to control fluctuations in the market by increasing or decreasing supply. Impact of this news is visible on futures market. It may cap any smart recovery in the cash market in coming days. Selling from all centers would increase supply further in the market. Pressure continues on chana market as demand is weak after Diwali and supply from Nafed is likely to increase.

 Apart from this area is bound to increase by 5 to 7 % this year and weather is congenial to sowing everywhereexcept south Indian states. Chana in Delhi market is being traded at Rs 5000-5050.It may decrease Rs 100 more from current level. With improvement in demand prices may recover once again, but under a limit. Dec futures declined by Rs 29 to Rs4822.Its not a good omen for chana cash market.