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Chana (Chickpeas) News - Rabi Pulses Area Up By 28%25 To 82.62 Lakh Ha
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Rabi Pulses Area Up By 28% To 82.62 Lakh Ha

With favorable weather condition rabi pulses sowing is running smoothly. Farmers have planted 82.62 lakh ha area so far against normal of 144.89 lakh ha. Out of total farmers have covered 57.44 lakh ha area under gram against normal of 92.77 lakh ha. Farmers have covered 9.76 lakh ha under lentils(normal 14.24 lakh ha),6.78 lakh ha under field pea (normal 8.78 lakh ha),2.14 lakh ha under urad(normal 8.93 lakh ha),0.43 lakh ha under moong(normal 9.86 lakh ha),1.95 lakh ha under other pulses(normal 4.14 lakh ha).Gram area is running ahead by 30 %  from last year so far,field pea up by 28%,lentils  up by 30 % ,other pulses up by 34%. However, moong coverage is lower by 30.65 % so far. Farmers may increase sowing activities in coming weeks under moong and urad.