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Wheat News - Rabi Wheat Sowing Status as on January 2021
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Rabi Wheat Sowing Status as on January 2021

As per the latest update, the area under wheat has increased marginally by 2.59% to 335.46 lakh hectares so far in the ongoing 2020-21 Rabi season from 326.75 lakh hectares year-ago same period. Rabi sowing progress's overall trend is excellent, with increased area coverage recorded due to favourable weather. Thus, 11.40 lakh ha more area has been covered compared to last year. The higher area is reported from the states of Madhya Pradesh (10.32 lakh ha), Bihar (2.33 lakh ha), Maharashtra (1.59 lakh ha), Haryana (0.49 lakh ha), Jammu & Kashmir (0.46 lakh ha), Jharkhand (0.44 lakh ha), Gujarat (0.42 lakh ha), Chhattisgarh (0.41 lakh ha), West Bengal (0.13 lakh ha), Assam (0.03 lakh ha) and Uttarakhand (0.01 lakh ha). Less area is reported from the States of Rajasthan (2.87 lakh ha), Uttar Pradesh (2.10 lakh ha), Karnataka (8.27 lakh ha), and Punjab (0.01 lakh ha).