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Wheat News - Short on Fertilisers, Punjab Stares at Bigger Agri Crisis
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Short on Fertilisers, Punjab Stares at Bigger Agri Crisis

Punjab could be staring at a much bigger crisis if it does not immediately get the much-needed fertilizers for the wheat crop. As farmers stare at a severe shortage, in the wake of the suspension of rail services in the state and rakes of fertilizers stuck outside, they resort to desperate measures to ensure a steady supply. From buying urea at much higher rates (Rs 325-350 per kg against a cost of Rs 265) to rushing to neighboring states of Haryana and Rajasthan, farmers are desperately trying to ensure that their wheat crop gets cultivated successfully. The state immediately needs vast quantities of urea and di ammonium phosphate (DAP) for the wheat crop, which has already started sowing. Wheat is expected to be cultivated on almost 35 lakh hectares in the state. Punjab needs nearly 19 lakh quintals of DAP and 8 lakh tonnes of urea for this wheat season. “DAP is used at the time of sowing, while urea is to be applied three weeks after sowing.