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Rice News - Thailand Rice Weekly Export
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Thailand Rice Weekly Export

Thailand Rice export prices increased around 1 percent as exporters are securing rice supplies for contracted bulk shipments, mostly parboiled rice exports to African countries. Unlike container shipments that are still facing shipment delays, bulk carriers, an alternative shipping method, are reportedly on schedule. Thai rice exporters are still concerned about the strengthening of the Thai baht, which is still at the seven-year record 29.9 baht/U.S. $1.00, compared to the exchange rate of around 31 baht/U.S. $1.00 between June and November 2020. Unofficial and preliminary rice exports (excluding Hom Mali fragrant rice) for January 4-10, 2021, totaled 68,472 metric tons, up 47,557 metric tons from the previous week and up 9,309 metric tons from the four-week moving average of 59,163 metric tons. Rice exports from January 1 – 10, 2021, totaled 68,612 metric tons, down 23 percent from the same period last year. In 2020, rice exports (excluding Hom Mali fragrant rice) totaled 4,207,004 metric tons, down 28 percent from the previous year’s levels of 5,840,442 metric tons.