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We are team of researchers who have spent our lives in the agri industry. AGRIWATCH is the culmination of all our experience and knowledge of the pulse of the agricultural landscape.


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Agriwatch simplifies complex trends and feeds you with the only thing that your business needs to grow at a ferocious pace. Actionable Insights.

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We have one of the largest sets of agri commodity spot price time series data in India to keep you updated on short and long term price trends

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We keep you regularly updated with the relevant domestic and global developments that could impact the agri commodity markets

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Get insights on prices, arrivals and trader sentiments in over 200 spot markets in India everyday!

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Our team of experienced commodity market analysts are available to our subscribers for clarifications or additional guidance

Our mission is to make knowledge and news accessible for everyone.

With our state of the art knowledge gathering platform stay on top of what is happening in the market.


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