Customized Agri-Commodities Research

IASL has an information collection network through the country giving us access to over 5 lakh farmers and 25,000 of traders based in all states. The major research services provided include:

1. Value Chain Studies

Track value addition in a commodity from farm-to-fork

2. Sub-Sector Studies

Assess the structure of a commodity subsector, evaluate the importance of the participants, and study the impact of how the subsector performs in the aggregate (stage by stage, or industry by industry)

3. Consumption Studies

Study of the downstream industries/sectors to understand the disappearance of a commodity

4. Crop Surveys

  • Pre-sowing study of Crop intention (farmers' sowing intentions)
  • Study of crop progress during the growth phase.
  • Crop harvest estimation based on acreage and yield studies
  • Production estimates based on surveys, satellite mapping and modeling
  • Price-forecasts based on time-series modeling.