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Firm Tone May Continue In Masur Market Despite Recovered Area

Govt. would procure Chana & Masur at 5230 and 5500 per qtl. From Rabi crop 2022-23.The CACP has already recommended to fix Rabi MSP and now the govt. has accepted it.Govt may face challengesto procure Masur this year as prices are ruling 1600-1700 above MSP in the market. Masur and Chana area has increased this year and good production size is expected under the normal weather condition. Weather conditions in Jan,Feb and Mar are crucial. Masur may continue to trade firm as the new crop is one and a half month away from now while the shipment pace is rather slow despite good availability around 1.95 lakh MT (including new and old) at various  Indian ports. Masur in Mumbai and Kanpur markets is being traded at 7250 and 7700.It may move up further.farmers have covered17.32 lakh ha so far,up by 3.59 % from last year same time.