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Higher temperature in Jeera growing regions affected the standing crops and supported the prices

Due to hot weather conditions in Rajasthan and Gujarat Jeera growing regions plant growth of Jeera standing crops reported lower which supported the prices. In Rajasthan, in some regions farmers have done re-sowing also and some of them shifted to other competitive crops also added to the bullish sentiment.  Due to moisture conditions as a result of higher rainfall sowing delayed by 15 to 20 days current year. 
At Unjha market in Mehsana , Jeera(Cumin Seed) Loose started the day firm at Rs. 22,700 per quintal, higher by 0.89 per cent from previous trading day. Jeera(Cumin Seed) NCDEX began high at Rs. 24,600 per quintal, up by 0.41 per cent as compared to previous day. Jeera(Cumin Seed) Machine Cut at Unjha market began high at Rs. 25,600 per quintal, higher by 0.39 per cent as against previous day.