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5% Broken rice price updates

As per trade sources, price of 5% broken rice in Vietnam increased to $450 per tonne, compared to a range of $440-$445 just a week earlier. The rise in price is attributed to the recovery of shipments to China and reports that Indonesia is purchasing more rice to bolster its national reserves.

The price of Thailand's 5% broken rice was quoted at $455 per tonne, a slight decrease from the previous week's price of $460. Fluctuations in the exchange rate and subdued supply and demand were the contributing factors to the price changes.

The price range for India's 5% broken parboiled rice was quoted at $382 to $387 per tonne, which is a decrease from the previous week's range of $385 to $390. The devaluation of the rupee has lowered the export prices, amid weak demand from African nations.