Edible Oils Physical Market in Uttar Pradesh Ended with Firm Sentiment

Published on: May 26, 04:30 Print

At Hapur market in Uttar Pradesh, Mustard Oil Expeller closed strong at Rs. 1000 per 10kg, higher by 1.01 per cent from previous trading day.

Mustard Oil Kacchi Ghani finished firm at Rs. 1030 per 10kg, up by 0.49 per cent as against previous day. unchanged as compared to previous day's arrival.


Edible Oils in Uttar Pradesh Market (Prices in Rs. per 10kg)
Market Commodity/Variety Price Change
Hapur Mustard Oil Expeller 1000 +10
Hapur Mustard Oil Kacchi Ghani 1030 +5

Note: The above mentioned prices are in Rs. per 10kg and arrivals are in .