Ganjbasoda Pulses Physical Market Started the Day Weak

Published on: May 26, 11:46 Print

At Ganj Basoda market in Ganjbasoda, Chana Desi began weak at 4500-4900 per quintal, lower by 1.11 per cent as compared to previous day. Estimated market supply was at 1033 quintals, down by 859 quintals as compared to previous day.

Masoor Desi started weak at 5000-5590 per quintal, lower by 0.71 per cent from previous price level. Total arrivals are at 5159 quintals, higher by 1159 quintals as compared to previous day.

Urad Desi at Ganj Basoda market started the day lower at 6500-7300 per quintal, down by 0.82 per cent as against previous day.

Pulses in Ganjbasoda Market (Prices in per quintal)
Market Commodity/Variety Price Change
Ganj Basoda Chana Desi 4500-4900 -55
Ganj Basoda Masoor Desi 5000-5590 -40
Ganj Basoda Urad Desi 6500-7300 -60