Maize(Corn) in Telangana Physical Market Trading

Published on: May 19, 12:08 Print

At Nizamabad market in Telangana, Maize(Corn) Loose is trading at Rs. 2050 per quintal, unchanged as compared to previous close.

Maize(Corn) Bilty is offered at Rs. 2100 per quintal, unchanged against previous close. unchanged as compared to previous day's arrival.


Maize(Corn) in Telangana Market (Prices in Rs. per quintal)
Market Commodity/Variety Price Change
Nizamabad Maize(Corn) Loose 2050 0
Nizamabad Maize(Corn) Bilty 2100 0

Note: The above mentioned prices are in Rs. per quintal and arrivals are in Qtl.