Guar seed prices indicates steady market movement

Guar Gum

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Today, the delivery price of Guar seed in Jodhpur remained steady at INR 5,460 per quintal, unchanged from the previous day. However, the price of Guar gum saw a slight decline of 0.7%, falling to INR 10,750 per quintal from the previous day's INR 10,825 per quintal.

In terms of arrivals at major mandis, Rajasthan received 1,230 quintals of Guar seed, down from 1,292 quintals the previous day. In Haryana, arrivals totaled 2,770 quintals, a decrease from the previous day's 3,470 quintals.

Examining Guar seed prices over different time frames reveals varied trends: a 3% decline over the past month, a 2.5% increase over three months, a 3% decrease over six months, and a 0.7% decline over the past year.