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Rice News - 5%25 Broken rice price updates
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5% Broken rice price updates

The price for India's 5% broken parboiled rice variety, on the other hand, remained unchanged from the previous week, at $376-$380 per tonne, which is the lowest level recorded since December. Demand for the product is low, and supplies from the winter crop are being delayed due to unexpected rainfall in recent weeks.

This week, the price range for Vietnam's 5% broken rice remained steady at $485-$495 per tonne, which is in close proximity to the highs observed in April 2021.

Meanwhile, in Thailand, the price range for the 5% broken rice increased to $498-$500 per tonne, up from last week's $485, reaching its highest point since January. As per trade sources, the rise in prices to the growing demand for rice in the region, including in Indonesia, and a strengthening baht. The appreciation of the domestic currency leads to an increase in the cost of exports from the country in dollar terms.