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Red Chillies News - Arrivals are recorded high amid good demand
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Arrivals are recorded high amid good demand

At Guntur market , Red Chilli NCDEX Quality started at INR 20,000-21,000 per quintal, unchanged as compared to previous close. Due to increase in export and domestic demand, total arrivals are at 60,000 Bags, up by 20,000 Bags compared to previous day as farmers/stockists are releasing their old crops on getting good prices. Currently, 70% crops are last year harvested crop (2021) and only 30% are current year new crops. 
Red Chilli LCA 334(S4) opened at INR 21,000-24,000 per quintal. Red Chilli Teja(S 17) started the day at INR 19,000-22,000 per quintal Red Chilli No.273  started at INR 21,000-23,500 per quintal. Red Chilli No.5 started at INR 22,000-24,500 per quintal. Red Chilli Fatki started the day at INR 8,000-12,000 per quintal. All variety prices are trading steady as compared to last trade in Guntur market.