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Cardamom News - As per the govt. data, overall spices exports reported down in the November 2022
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As per the govt. data, overall spices exports reported down in the November 2022

In the Red Chilli (including Dry, Powder, and Crushed) around 34,623 MT exports were reported up by 10.15% from the previous month on good demand from major exporting countries during the past month.
In Turmeric as well exports reported up during Nov 2022 at 16,239.73 MT up by 10.89% from the previous month on improved demand from Arab countries. 
In the Small and Large Cardamom, higher production and demand from major exporting countries have supported the exports as a result of which Large Cardamom exports in November 2022 reported at 131.44 MT, up by 28.55% from the previous month. While Small Cardamom was reported at 370.92 MT up by 11.83% from the previous month.
With continued interest from neighboring countries, Large Cardamom imports were reported at 1,144.13 MT up by 127.95% from the previous month.
During the month (November 2022), Black Pepper exports(Garbled and Ungarbled) reported at 255.06 MT, down by 39.07% from the previous month. Its imports during the month were recorded at 424.25 MT, down by 6.81% from the previous month. The reason for the decrease in the export and import of Black Pepper is mainly due to a decrease in demand and China's zero Covid policy has also affected the same.
Due to higher prices in India, Cumin exports recorded 11,235 MT in the month Nov 2022, down by 9.60% from the previous month. However, India's imports of Cumin have been reported at 55 MT despite high inflation in the world, with imports reported up by 300% from the previous month. 
During the month (Nov 2022) Clove exports were reported at 255.28 MT up by 37.74% from the previous month due to winter season demand and its good quality. Also, its imports reported up by 59.71% from October 2022 and reported at 670.61 MT.
Due to higher prices in India, stockists have continued to import Coriander from Russia due to which in the Nov 2022 total imports were reported at 4223.55 MT. However, it is down by 12.30% from the previous month but still on the higher side from the previous year.
With demand from Malaysia, Saudia Arabia, and Nepal exports were recorded at 3,314.57 MT in Nov 2022 up by 9.93% from the previous month.