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Black Pepper News - Brazil Pepper Export Scenario
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Brazil Pepper Export Scenario

According to data from the Brazilian State Center for Foreign Trade Statistics, Brazil's pepper exports in October increased for the third consecutive month to 9,870 tons. Thus, by the end of September, the country's pepper exports reached 69,586 tons, down 3% in volume over the same period last year.
Regarding export prices, with abundant supply due to being in the biggest harvest of the year, the export price of Brazil's pepper in October fell to an average of $3,177 per tonne, the lowest level since June 2021. Compared to the previous month, this price has decreased by about 3%, compared with the same period of 21%. In which, the export price of pepper to Vietnam was at 3,065 USD/ton, down 5.4% compared to September.
On the world market, the Brazilian pepper price is being offered for sale at $2,575/ton, down from $2,600/ton previously and significantly lower than other competitors such as Vietnam or Indonesia. Brazil's pepper export market this year has been quite volatile. Vietnam became Brazil's largest pepper importer in the past 10 months with a volume of up to 15,650 tons, up more than three times in volume over the same period last year.