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Black Pepper News - Cambodias pepper exports down by 72%25 compared to last year
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Cambodia's pepper exports down by 72% compared to last year

According to Cambodia's Ministry of Agriculture, the country's pepper exports fell by nearly three-quarters in the first 10 months of 2022 compared with the same period a year earlier. Producers attribute this downturn to low demand, although prices for the locally grown spice, which are tied to economic drag from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, weaken of the euro against the greenback and other exchange rate fluctuations.
In the January-October period, Cambodia's pepper exports reached 7,704.25 tons, marking a decrease of 72.12% from 27,633.77 tons in the same period last year. In which, Vietnam is the leading purchasing country with 6,645.78 tons (equivalent to 86.26%). Other destinations were Germany (928.20 tons), USA (26.10 tons), Taiwan (21 tons), France (19.68 tons), Belgium (18.67 tons), Malaysia (14.24 tons). ), Czech Republic (11.30 tons), Korea (7.26 tons), Japan (3.03 tons), Sweden (2.78 tons).