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Maize (Corn) News - Corn prices surge as supply remains tight
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Corn prices surge as supply remains tight

As per news reports, in 2023, the world corn market is expected to see a period of elevated prices as the conflict in Ukraine continues to hinder the nation's capacity to export grain. Industries like the animal feed sector maintain a steady demand for the commodity. Although production has grown by about 11% over the past five years, it has not yet caught up to demand, which is currently at 14%. Late planting in the United States and dry weather in Latin America, which could damage their maize production, are further causes of price increases. The U.S. and China both have increasing demand. Only 126,727 MT of corn were purchased by China from Ukraine as compared to 1.26 MT in 2021. Between January and May, grain shipments to China from all origins decreased by 2.9%. The disruption of Ukraine's grain exports also had an impact on prices. 15% of the world's grain exports come from this nation. The Black Sea route, which has been severely disrupted by the war, was used to ship the majority of the corn. Road and rail lines to Europe have far lower shipping capacities.