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Guar Seed News - Guar sowing progress and weather update
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Guar sowing progress and weather update

As per the sources, there has been significant yield loss in Guar crop in the key districts of Haryana. The major factor behind yield loss is said to be anomalies in the temperature and sudden heat ahead of harvesting period.

As of 24th Aug '22, According to the Department of Agriculture, Rajasthan, Guar sowing is up by 50% at 30.79 Lakh hectare as compared to 20.48 Lakh hectare previous year same period. This season sowing area is high due to early rains and better returns.

In western Rajasthan, from 1st June to 15th Sep’2022 Cumulative rainfall recorded up by 60%. Higher acreage amid good rainfall kept Guar seed and gum prices under pressure. The prices have corrected by more than 20% since April due to forecast of normal rains and improved area under Guar seed.