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Moong (Mung bean) News - Gujarat: Pulses sowing update
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Gujarat: Pulses sowing update

According to the Agriculture Department of Gujarat release, total pulses coverage in the State has reached at 4,16,093 hectare as of 5th September, 2022 down by around 16% from 4,96,101 hectare same period last year. Green Gram (Moong) has been sown in around 79,795 hectare area, down by around 19% from 98,033 hectare, around 96,728 hectare area has been sown under the Black Gram (Urad), down by significantly around 37% from 1,54,749 hectare and Tur (Arhar) has been sown in around 2,23,865 hectare area, down by 1.71% from 2,27,770 hectare same time last year.