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Maize (Corn) News - Insights from TNAU about maize
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Insights from TNAU about maize

As per reports, the maize price estimate from the TNAU has been released. 3.10 crore tonnes of maize are produced in India each year. A little over 36,000 tonnes are exported abroad. Crop conditions in states that cultivate maize remain constant, according to trade sources. It is anticipated that the price of maize will rise due to the current price situation for poultry and eggs.The countries of export will determine if prices rise further. Additionally, it is anticipated that the Northeast Monsoon may affect the maize yield in the states of South India. A quintal of high-quality corn costs between Rs. 1,900 and Rs. 2000 on the farm. Therefore, it was proposed that farmers base their marketing choices on the aforementioned guidance.