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Moong (Mung bean) News - Kharif Pulses sowing update
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Kharif Pulses sowing update

According to the recent release by Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, farmers have covered 129.55 lakh ha area under pulses as on 2nd September, 2022, down by around 4.36% from 135.46 lakh hectare same time last year. Green Gram (Moong) has been sown in 32.97 lakh ha., down by 4% from 34.38 lakh ha. same time last year. Similarly, 36.62 lakh ha. area has been sown under the Black Gram (Urad), down by 4% from 38.18 lakh ha. Tur (Arhar) has been sown in 44.86 lakh ha. area, down by 5.67% from 47.56 lakh ha. same time last year.