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Urad (Black Matpe) News - Kharif pulses growth likely to be affected adversely
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Kharif pulses growth likely to be affected adversely

Heavy rains in South India, Karnataka, Maharashtra and other eastern states have not only started affecting the sowing activities but also the standing crop’s health. Water logging, continuous rains and the excess moisture level in upper land remain a cause for concern. If rains continue for a week as expected by IMD, the growth of the standing pulses crops like Moong, Urad and Tur may be affected adversely and it may ultimately result into low yield. Urad and Tur area is already down by 6 and 10.42% so far.  Even Moong area may decline by 10 to 12 % from last year despite good start in the beginning. Weather conditions in Aug and Sep would be very crucial and the fate of kharif crop size would depend on it. The emerging conditions are not favorable for a good crop size and it may drive markets further up by 5 to 10% in coming months.