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Soymeal News - MOPA 43rd Seminar Jaipur, 12Mar 2023
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MOPA 43rd Seminar Jaipur, 12Mar 2023


Mustard oil Producers Association of India (MOPA) under the aegis of The Central Organization for Oil Industry and Trade (CUIT) organized a seminar for Mustard Oil. Production estimates by different sources ranged between 100-120 Lakh tonnes and carry out ranged between 5-12 Lakh tonnes.

MOPA has estimated production at 113 lakh tonnes and carry forward at 9 lakh tonnes.

While Agriwatch has estimated its RM seed production at 111.3 Lakh tonnes and ending stock is estimated at 11.6 Lakh tonnes.

Higher production and carry out is likely to keep mustard seed prices in check.