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Masoor (Lentils) News - Masur Cash Market too Traded Firm,
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Masur Cash Market too Traded Firm,

Masur markets cash market too traded firm, taking cue from other pulses and moved up by 1.5 to 3 % last week. It may move further up by Rs100-200 and should stabilize. The crop condition in Canada is good so far and the better prospects of Australian lentils this year, may restrict spikes in Lentil market. It traded up by 1.40% at Rs7250 in Mumbai market while increased by 2.18 % in Kanpur market to Rs 7025. It traded up by3.17 % to 6300-6500 in Ashok Nagar. Any spike is unlikely in Masur market at this point of time. If Canadian crop continues to prosper well, prices may move in limited range despite the slow arrival pace. Canada and Australia quotes are steady at $945-60 per MT. Canadian exporters may prefer to offload old stock before bumper crop hits the market. If prices of other pulses improve, Lentil too may improve to a certain extent. As per the market sources, total stock at various ports is around 0.90 lakh MT.