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Moong (Mung bean) News - Moong and Urad Sowing Witnessed Massive Jump
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Moong & Urad Sowing Witnessed Massive Jump

According to the latest report by Agriculture Ministry, sowing area under pulses has jumped to 21.41 lakh hectare, up by 22.9 percent from 17.42 lakh hectare as of May 13, 2022. The credit for higher pulses area goes to Moong as its sowing area has increased by 21.2 percent to 17.48 lakh hectare from 14.43 lakh hectare a year ago. Similarly, a Urad sowing has also inched up by 39.9 percent or 3.69 lakh hectare from 2.64 lakh hectare. The major pulses States are Madhya Pradesh (8.85 lakh hectare), Bihar (2.07 lakh hectare), Odisha (2.61 lakh hectare), Tamil Nadu (1.95 lakh hectare), Uttar Pradesh (1.53 lakh hectare), Gujarat (0.96 lakh hectare), West Bengal (0.84 lakh hectare), Punjab (0.39 lakh hectare), Andhra Pradesh (0.35 lakh hectare), Chhattisgarh (0.35 lakh hectare), and Maharashtra (0.26 lakh hectare).