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Black Pepper News - New Crop Supply Put cap on Pepper Prices
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New Crop Supply Put cap on Pepper Prices

Steady to weak sentiment was witnessed in Black pepper spot market on Tuesday. New pepper supply continuing at Kochi spot market put cap on prices at higher levels. Current year, from 1st January 2022 to 25th January 2022, Black pepper supply reported 891 tons compared to last year it was 378 tons, up by 136% as Planters and stockists were releasing their stocks as pepper prices were higher than last year. As on 25th January 2022, at Kochi spot market black pepper (Garbled) prices trading at Rs.51,300/-qtl, last year same period it was Rs.34,500/-qtl. 
Agriwatch expects, MG1 pepper may go down to Rs.49,000 to Rs.50,000/-qtl, which currently trading at Rs.51,300/-qtl and new pepper may come down to Rs.47,000 – 47,500/-qtl, which currently trading at Rs.48,300/-qtl. Indian stockists and planters may hold their stocks on expectations of higher prices in coming days. Agriwatch expects, buyers likely to be active from lower price levels in coming days as India's pepper production is expected lower.