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Rapeseed Oil News - November21 Soymeal Export Update.
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November'21 Soymeal Export Update.


According to Solvent extractor association of india, India’s November’2021 soymeal exports declined by 78% to 42,951 metric tonnes compared to  1,98,776 metric tonnes in the same period last year. Further, the soymeal shipments too declined by 66% to  2,19,077 metric tonnes in aggregate, during the months (April-Nov.) of financial year 2020-21 compared to  6,36,981 metric tonnes during the corresponding period last year.

Additionally, Export of oilmeals for the month of November’2021 provisionally reported at  1,62,442 tons compared to  3,32,336 tons last year same period i.e. down by 51%. The overall export of oilmeals during April – Nov’2021 is reported at  15,96,131 tons compared to  19,51,558 tons i.e. down by 18%.